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★Our Face book bage is available. Come to see some photo and latest info.

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 フェイスブックベージ始めました。@special effect hair and beauty,nailで検索してみてください。お客様に施術したネイルの写真や、最新のお得情報をUPしています!


★Shellac&Gellac have come!!  Get the must-have 14-day manicure! These gel polish formula holds the secret to long-lasting shine. There's no chipping, no smudging, no kidding! When it's time to change colors, soaks off in just 10 minutes. It's that easy!


Full set・・・$30/Toe fullset・・・$35/Pedicure&toe fullset・・・$55/

Take off・・・$10

shellac1       shellac2

 We are registered salon of Shellac!!


★Now we have special deal of acrylic friench and natural fullset, only $30!!!

★You can get 20% Off  from our menu every wednesday!! Booking essential!!

★You can have paint polish(with buff&shape) only $5 when  you have hair cut.








*Infills over the prescribed max 2 weeks period will be charged exta fee.

*We are not responsible for the following;Breaking,Cracking,Lifting or Infected nails.

 *Messed up color charge will be applied. NO REFUNDS.

*We accepet only cash,THANK YOU.